Dangpong Hospital

Designed for the future vertical & horizontal expansion Ghana’s Hospital is 2.5 lakh sqft seven storey facility with 120 patient rooms designed for patient focused care.

The hospital’s welcoming environment incorporates natural lighting, interiors that include light wood, warm ceramic tiles, comfortable furnishing, original artwork by local artisans. The contemporary exterior is faced with blue glass that reflects the surrounding landscape.

The front entrance canopy is designed to create multiple, decentralized entries that are easily identifiable. As a result of this design concept, patient registration, information & primary outpatient, inpatient & emergency services are immediately accessible. Integrated patient flow & turn- around time isimproved for emergency care & ambulatory patients.

Open floor plans designed for effortless way finding helps patient navigate the main corridor with signage facility for identifying key services such as cardiology, respiratory, women’s health & pediatrics, diagnostic imaging, pathology labs, etc.

One of these wings will serve as VIP section, offering its patients larger rooms, upgraded finishes higher nurse to patient ratios. It would include the helipad to facilitate air service.

When complete, this hospital will offer its patients on impressive experience within a compassionate, healing environment.