We at Fabi Corporation have team of professional structural engineers who designs, analyze, plan, inspect, and research structural components and systems of all kinds. This involves technical, fiscal, and environmental issues coupled with the philosophy that our best work is never seen. With expertise and experience, our structural engineering team proudly delivers sound structural designs.

Fabi Corporation’s structural engineering team specializes in creating design solutions that are as practical and constructible as they’re attractive and economical. Our project experience includes large real estate developers, public sector undertakings, large corporations and institutions to health care entrepreneurs. in addition, large residential complexes, hospitals, retail centers, mixed-use construction, storage facilities, parking facilities, building renovations, warehouse, industrial buildings hotels, resorts, large town and city planning schemes.
For every project, we tend to assemble the suitable team of specialists to deal with specific necessities, and we encourage the collaboration and cooperation of the design team necessary to produce the superior results, that our customers have come to expect