Building information Modeling (BIM) is used on most projects with clients who use multiple design platforms. BIM has become the norm for building design, construction, and project management where 3D software is used to capture geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components. Structural systems comprises of building frame and foundations, as well as other structural elements which can be modeled in a relative scale and combined with the architectural and MEP models. This facilitates improves documentation for construction.

Architects and engineers works continuously to strive balance and the project scope, budget, and schedule. in the traditional design method when changes occur, information has to be assembled then sent to the other parties for incorporation into their documents. Using BIM, team members can make changes without prolonged re-coordination, at any time during the design process. in addition, design work and the construction documentation can be done at the same time rather than in succession, because design is captured as it is developed and embedded within the documents as the work proceeds.

Fabi Corporation uses latest 3D software platforms, to accommodate the requirements of our clients.
Our engineers are committed to staying on the leading edge of BIM technology as it develops further and can work with the design team members to use this platform to the full advantage of the project Owner and architect. The majority of projects are now developed using BIM technology.

Recent examples of projects that has utilize BIM include:
• Gulch Crossing office building, Nashville, TN
• University of kentucky limestone Park I and II Student Housing Facilities, Louisville, KY
• Redstone rotary wing hangar and Headquarters, Huntsville, AL
• Alliance medical center, Ft. Worth, TX
• Pearland medical center, Pearland, TX
• Smyth County Community Hospital, Marion, VA
• St. Mark’s Lone Peak Replacement Hospital, Draper, UT
• Iasis Lehi medical center, Lehi, UT
• Williamson medical center Additions, Franklin, TN