We at FABi provide all the services Like:

  1. Financial Advisory Services which every business needs.

  2. Taxation Advisory services be

    it Direct Taxation or Indirect Taxation.

  3. Management Consultancy services to help the company work more effectively and efficiently.

  4. Bookkeeping services.

  5. Internal Audit services to the company.

  6. Information Systems audit services to a company.

  7. Services with regards to adapting to changes according to the new statute. (GST, RERA, etc.

  8. ERP Implementation Services to an IT Company.

  9. Sustainable Development Advisory Services.

  10. Due Diligence Services for purpose of Mergers and Acquisitions.

  11. Legal consultation services to the company of cases like Competition Act, Patent Infringement, etc.

  12. Transaction Advisory Services to the company.

  13. Forensic Audit services to the company.

  14. Government, Risk and Compliance Services.

  15. RBI & FEMA related compliance services.

  16. Could arrange for Project Finance when in need.


 No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. As the world’s largest consulting firm, we can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results